@DonChiefEGB Breaks Down A Barrier By Re-Inventing How Music Is Sold

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Signing their monumental merger deal in September 2017 with several business vendors and suppliers and forming Don Chief Inc. These guys are posed to set the music world on fire by introducing a new wave for labels and musicians to sell their music.

Don Chief Press Release

By combing their music along with smoking accessories products such as tobacco wraps, rolling papers, and pre-rolled cones, they have now changed the way physical units will be counted. The key is that the music is actually delivered through the packaging which is actually considered the CD’s physical packaging, therefore technically according to the barcode they have now sold the consumer an album. Imagine every time someone buys rolling papers is now buying an album. This is exactly what this merge has now formed by Dallas area iconic rapper Don Chief, and entrepreneur Ryan Brown.

Don Chief and Ryan

Now that all the investors, suppliers, and vendors are on board with their newly formed company, they stand to become the next Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre of the music industry!


Don Chief Poster 3 jpeg

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