The ASCAP Plus Awards program is available to writers who received less than $25,000 in domestic performance royalties in the previous calendar year. It rewards writer members of all genres whose works were performed in unsurveyed media as well as writer members whose catalogs have prestige value.

To be considered for an ASCAP Plus Award, each writer must submit an online application via Member Access. The application must be submitted annually and reference achievements of the previous calendar year.

ASCAP Plus Awards are determined annually by a panel of distinguished music experts who are neither members, nor employees of ASCAP, and are completely independent in their Award adjudication.

ASCAP Plus Awards are based on panel review of recent activity of writer applicants. Each applicant is considered on merit and in the context of all others applying. ASCAP Plus Awards is not a contest or competition involving the critical evaluation of any specific work or works.

Awards Guidelines

Pop: Cabaret, Children’s, Country, Electronica, Folk, Hawaiian, Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz, Latin, Musical Theater, Pop, R&B/Soul, Religious and Rock. To report Live Pop Music performances, please use ASCAP OnStage.

Film/TV Score: All music score written specifically for the audio/visual spectrum.

Concert Music: Classical, Symphonic, Chamber, Choral, Electroacoustic, Opera, Liturgical and Educational (the Awards application does NOT substitute for timely reporting of ASCAP licenseable performance information for which royalties may be due. To report Concert Music performances, please use the online Performance Notification form and include all surveyed or unsurveyed performance information in traditional and non-traditional music venues on your ASCAP Plus Awards application.)


Log into your Member Access account (the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox).

Confirm all of your works are registered in My Catalog. If there are works missing from My Catalog, you should submit new title registrations by clicking the “Register A Work” link. Allow seven (7) days for each registration to be processed and revisit Member Access.

Activate direct deposit in the “Manage Statement & Payment Preferences” section of My Royalties by clicking the “ADD NEW DIRECT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT” link. Direct deposit must be your payment preference to be eligible for an ASCAP Plus Award.

Before you begin the submission process in Member Access, compile a list of your release/recording and public performance information so you can easily complete the online application. You will need to include the name, date and label for each release/recording.

Complete the ASCAP Plus Award application in Member Access and submit the compiled information. ASCAP Plus Awards are made on an annual basis; therefore, report only activity which has taken place over the past year. DO NOT include information that was submitted in previous award applications. The date format must be listed as “MM/DD/YYYY” (e.g. 01/01/2012).

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