Copyright review is in the air in Washington and it seems that everyone is getting in on the action. SoundExchange is actively engaged with Congress, the Administration, and the Copyright Office as the organization fights for recording artists, rights owners and the overall value of music wherever the conversation is happening. SoundExchange encourages you to weigh in wherever your interests are at stake. Here are a few recent and upcoming highlights:

Congressional Copyright Law Review

⇒The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property has set course on a comprehensive copyright law review to determine how well existing law is working in today’s digital age. Thus far, the Committee has maintained a steady schedule of hearings on issues impacting the music industry, including: the role and scope of copyright; the rise of innovative business models; the scope of fair use; the effectiveness of the notice and takedown provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; and the preservation and reuse of copyright works. I fully expect that the Committee will continue this pace in an effort to complete its review in 2014.

⇒Musicians need to take every opportunity to remind members of Congress that any changes to copyright law guarantee fair pay for all artists, and create a single, fair market value standard that applies across all platforms that use artists’ works.

⇒Most importantly, SoundExchange anticipates that at least one hearing this year will focus exclusively on music licensing. The organization looks forward to the opportunity to provide their vision for the future of the industry and fair compensation for all music creators.

Participation Encouraged: Copyright Office Round Tables & Studies Intended to Inform Congress

The Copyright Office is conducting reviews of various aspects of copyright law, and is soliciting input in both public roundtable discussions as well as filings. The Copyright Office intends to publish the results in reports that could inform Congress’s review of copyright law.

For example, in March, SoundExchange participated in three Copyright Office roundtable discussions on Orphan Works and Mass Digitization. SoundExchange also filed comments and participated in a roundtable discussion as part of a Copyright Office proceeding about the “recordation” of documents regarding copyright registration. u Coming Up! Music Licensing Study — The Copyright Office is seeking comments — due May 16, 2014 — as they draft a report for Congress that evaluates the effectiveness of the existing methods of licensing music. The Office is asking for written comments and will hold public meetings to obtain the views of stakeholders on a long list of music licensing issues.

I encourages everyone in the industry to participate in this effort. You can leave your comments HERE



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