Streaming Price Index : Now with YouTube pay rates! #SXSW

Streaming Price Index : Now with YouTube pay rates! #SXSW


Is this the future of music? We continue to look at artist revenue streams.

If you’re heading out to any panels at SXSW this week, you might want to keep this handy when you’re being told how much money you can make… And if the services at the top of the list like Nokia, Google Play and Xbox Music can pay more per play, why can’t the services at the bottom of the list like Spotify and YouTube?

We’ll give you a hint, the less streams/plays there are the more each play pays. The more plays there are the less each stream/play pays. Tell us again about how these services will scale. Looking at this data it seems pretty clear that the larger the service get’s, the less artists are paid per stream.

So do you think streaming royalty rates are really going to increase as these services “scale”? No, we didn’t either.

Nokia $0.07411 $74,110
Google Play $0.04573 $45,730
Xbox Music $0.03212 $32,120
Simfy $0.01626 $16,260
Napster $0.01578 $15,780
Media Net $0.01140 $11,400
Rhapsody $0.01122 $11,220
Muve Music $0.00875 $8,750
Deezer $0.00754 $7,540
Rdio $0.00692 $6,920
SPOTIFY $0.00521 $5,210
YOUTUBE* $0.00175 $1,750
Myspace Music $0.00094 $940
Amazon Cloud $0.00012 $120

* YouTube payment includes gross payable to single party uploader claiming 100% of rights including video, master and publishers. There should also be additional PRO money earned however we haven’t been able to get any reporting to date.

Our YouTube pay rate calculations can be found here:

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