BUZZ How To Get Them Talking


What’s Buzz? Buzz is the talk that happens between consumers and users of your product/service. There are millions of ideas and ways to get people talking. Find ways that fit you and your company the best.

Tell us your story. What’s happening in your world? What have you made, produced or done? People can’t spread your message when there’s nothing to say. Do something and let the world know.

Keep this mind, people are exposed to advertisements nearly 5,000 times a day. Unless your product/business is groundbreaking and has never been done before, you can get lost in the shuffle. Find your lane.

Posting online is the quickest way to reach the masses. It’s free, so it’s also the most cluttered promotional tool to use. Make sure to consistently post updates/photos online to your own website and social media networks.

The best way to create a buzz is though word of mouth marketing. People won’t believe your messages but they trust the words of family, friends and colleagues.


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