WINGO born April 3, 1984 was raised in Dallas, Texas. As a youngster Wingo was very creative in the arts field. It started from the simple tools we all used as a kid, crayons and paper. At the age of 7, Wingo started drawing and using his talents to express the world as he saw fit. The up bringing from a single mother also taught him to feel free to be who you are and express what you see. This brought about the ideals of a the person you know today known as Wingo the Southernvisionary. With a wide variety of musical up bringing and most family members pursuing music as well, It was no other choice but the right direction for Wingo to take part in the journey in the music world. Wingo brings a southern style with a new and old school ryhme scheme feel to the plate with a wide range of self expressed emotions. In other words something you can groove and feel.

[VIDEO] “Beautiful Day” by WINGO

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