Social media is a complicated path to navigate. Consumers have more ways than ever to discover and purchase new products. Since I work primarily in the music industry, this is an issue that can’t be ignored as we mull over how to engage and expose artists to consumers. The traditional mediums of music video channels, radio promotions, print, television, and big media buys are slow and archaic when compared to the current age of algorithm data and social networks. This infograph shines some light on just how murky the social media channels can be.


How do you reach an audience that has scattered, like a group of kids who have shattered a shop window while playing baseball on the street, into an insurmountable number of specialized niches? Whether it’s Tumblr, the nostalgic simulation of Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, there is a flavor for everyone’s social taste. Major labels are struggling to stay afloat in this ocean of innovation, employing companies like us to make sense of this fragmented world.

There is no harm in sharing the tools that we use, because in a few months the whole set might look completely different. New companies emerge over night with explosive rounds of funding, but that’s not enough to guarantee success as well known digital platform companies have crashed even after accruing massive user bases.

“Here today gone tomorrow.” Welcome to the digital age.

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