15 Questions We Thought Our Readers Would Want To Know About Blue Marley, A Multi Talented Artist/Entrepreneur…

What is your name and where are you from?
If you know me – you know my real name – but I am Blue Marley… I am from Georgia, born in Brunswick – but Augusta is my home…

What age did you start to take Rap serious?
I wanta say around mid twenties cuz the streets
was calling me at a time I wanted to walk away.

Who gave you the name Blue Marley?
Blue Marley came from me blowing the Marley. lol – naw I was the Marley man. I had the gas. (lol) Blue the Marley man – but I shorted it to Mr. Blue. But I love Bob Marley’s music and think he’s legendary so Blue is legendary or Blue the legend = Blue Marley

Do you remember your first performance? How was that experience?
First show I ever did was at Payne College opening for Young Jeezy. We was a whole team called a CME – Counting Money Entertainment. We kilt it!! Jeezy thought so too. This was before his big chain. lol.

Do you have any upcoming events?
My next event is March 22nd in Augusta at club XS live. It’s with Rock Mob – Mykko Montanna – Baby D – young snead – chill will and Meshia Milan

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
A year from now I’ll probably be rich with my company transforming local artist live into bigger situations.

What makes you different from other rappers in your eyes?
I don’t care bout fame. I’m tryna feed and build and motivate. Fame a drug I’ve tasted all my life.
It’s cool – but it means you no good at the end. So get $ plus – I write – rap – structure – produce – president of my own magazine, CEO of my own company and everything’s in house BS!

What do you consider your strong characteristics?
I’m more business minded than most artist. I believe in structure.

Who do you credit as your closest supporter/mentor?
I would say my whole Lafamilia, without them who am I? mentor? Jesus Christ

What does your new album title “Fly or Die” mean/come from?
Fly or Die means motivation. Just like trap or die – get rich or die trying. If you don’t fly you a sitting duck – sitting ducks get shot.

Do you have any other projects scheduled to drop this year?
My album Hood to the Hilton drops 2nd quarter. I beleive in the international market. It’s by far my best work – first album. I’m very proud.

Who are your influences?
Again Jesus Christ. my Lafamilia & fans. period.

What can we expect from you this year?
You can expect a breath of fresh air. (lol) Most people are gonna be like finally. The truth is here. (lol) prepare to be entertained.

OK…We Gotta Ask, Are You Really Suing Lil Wayne for 15 Million Dollars Over the Song “Bedrock”?
I Sure Am. I wrote Bedrock, I Want The People To Know The Truth. Google “Blue Marley” and It Will Pop Right Up, and Answer Everyone’s Questions.

Shout out to my Lafamilia. nothing more.


Collins Connect did some of our own digging and this Is what we found…

AUGUSTA — Augusta artist Blue Marley of Done Deal Enterprises suing Lil’ Wayne, Universal Music Group, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment for $15 million over an alleged copyright infringement of the 2010 Billboard hit “Bedrock.”

The similarities of the two songs lie in the titles and the chorus.

The song was first published around April 27, 2009, by Done Deal. According to court documents, William Keith, a producer for the Georgia based label, created the original composition in an Atlanta studio where he was present with a another engineer, Carl Shackelford, a producer for Cash Money Records and Young Money.

The record allegedly shared hands among Shackelford, Shannon Houchins, a then Universal Music Group employee and producer for So So Def, Nigil Mack, an A & R for Universal Motown, and finally the employees of Cash Money Records.

In July 2009, Blue Marley released “Bedrock” as a single on TuneCore.

The infringement was made when Lil’ Wayne and Young Money released their version of the song near November 2009. The song, which featured on Young Money’s debut album, “We Are Young Money,” has sold over 3 million copies since March 30, 2011

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