Is this the future of music? We continue to look at artist revenue streams.

Now that we’ve been blessed with a few data sets we’re going to be digging deeper into cross referencing them in the hopes of building a much better overall view of the marketplace for independent musicians. This is especially true in the area of music streaming rates and royalties.

We hoping to provide as much open and transparent information as we can get on artists revenue streams. Through the release of these posts offering per play rates, relative market share of these companies, and the distribution tiers at different unit thresholds we hope artists will use these tools to model a better understanding of their revenue potential on digital platforms.

Service Market Share Streams Market Share $$$
Spotify 61% 69%
YouTube* 32% 12%
Deezer 2% 4%
Amazon Cloud 2% 0%
Rhapsody 1% 3%
Muve Music 1% 1%
Rdio 0% 1%
Xbox Music 0% 2%
MediaNet 0% 1%
Google Play 0% 2%
Nokia 0% 0%
simfy 0% 0%
MySpace Music 0% 0%
Amazon MP3 0% 5%
eMusic 0% 1%
VerveLife 0% 0%
TOTAL 100% 100%

* These YouTube numbers are not directly comparable to the rest of the numbers as the information comes from a different data set of considerably less titles than the larger data set.

That being said there are still a few important take-a-ways in looking at this data even on a percentage of market share basis. If we doubled the amount of YouTube Streams to match the amount of Spotify streams (48% YouTube Streams and 47% Spotify Streams) the revenue disparity still places Spotify 3x’s higher at 62% of overall revenue market share versus YouTube’s only 21% of market share revenue. Simply said, you have to stream at least 3x’s more on YouTube to equal the same amount of revenue generated from YouTube.

Service  Market Share Streams Market Share $$$
YouTube (x’s2) 48% 21%
Spotify 47% 62%
Deezer 2% 3%
Amazon Cloud 1% 0%
Rhapsody 1% 2%
Muve Music 0% 1%
Rdio 0% 1%
Xbox Music 0% 2%
MediaNet 0% 1%
Google Play 0% 2%
Nokia 0% 0%
simfy 0% 0%
MySpace Music 0% 0%
Amazon MP3 0% 4%
eMusic 0% 1%
VerveLife 0% 0%
TOTAL  100% 100%

Our conclusion is that this is a very compelling reason to remove as much of your music from YouTube as you possibly can and redirect streaming music consumers to Spotify where you will earn at least 3x’s more for the same amount of streams.

Of course, creators and musicians are not given this type of consent over the use of their music on YouTube and the new CMS Services like Audiam exist only to monetize illegal and unlicensed user generated content (UGC) uploads to YouTube, and at significantly lower per play rates than the ones we’ve been tracking that pay 100% of earned revenue.

This just confirms what we’ve known all along. Google not only profits greatly from the illegal and unlicensed uploads of an artists work to YouTube, but artists are more and more powerless over having their work exploited against their will.

Here are some compelling stats on the break down of what percentage of videos on YouTube actually achieve breaking the 1 million play threshold, only 0.33%

CHART OF THE DAY: Half Of YouTube Videos Get Fewer Than 500 Views | Business Insider

Some 53% of YouTube’s videos have fewer than 500 views, saysTubeMogul. About 30% have less than 100 views. Meanwhile, just 0.33% have more than 1 million views.

That’s not a huge surprise. But it highlights some of the struggles Google could have selling ads around all those unpopular videos, despite the money it has to spend to store them.

What would be welcomed would be an Audiam like service that also allows artists the ability to use CMS to remove as much of their content from YouTube as they can, and not just have a gun to their head to monetize it or lose the money that is being made from Google monetizing it against their will.

Why does this just feel like just so much more extortion and exploitation?

The second round of SXSW Music Festival artist announcements is here, including a much-anticipated appearance by synth and industrial music pioneer Gary Numan.

Numan’s influence has been recognized by a diverse array of artists, including Prince, Lady Gaga, Trent Reznor, Queens of the Stone Age and Kanye West. His latest, and first full-length studio album since 2006, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind), is bound to continue such praise, with the award-winning electro-pioneer teaming up with Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck and producer Ade Fenton for his heaviest and most accomplished album to date.

Other notable round two artists include Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew, new Bella Union signing Ballet School, Talib Kweli, Quantic, Of Mice & Men, and more!

See the entire list of newly announced artists below, and check the full list of bands announced so far here.

Achilles (Atlanta GA)
Aeges (Los Angeles CA)
Air Traffic Controller (Boston MA)
Alika & Nueva Alianza (Los Angeles CA)
Anushka (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
The Apache Relay (Nashville TN)
Arborea (Lewiston ME)
Arkells (Hamilton CANADA)
Jay Arner (Vancouver CANADA)
Syd Arthur (Canterbury UK-ENGLAND)
Nicole Atkins (Asbury NJ)
Avan Lava (New York NY)
Baby In Vain (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Baby Robots (Austin TX)
Bagheera (Houston TX)
Ballet School (Berlin GERMANY)
The Bambir (Gyumri ARMENIA)
Richard Barone (New York NY)
The Baseball Project (Portland OR)
James Bay (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)
Beat King (Houston TX)
Arthur Beatrice (London UK-ENGLAND)
Greta Svabo Bech (Tórshavn FAROE ISLANDS)
Andrew Belle (Chicago IL)
The Belle Game (Vancouver CANADA)
Bestial Mouths (Los Angeles CA)
Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
The Binary Code (Clifton NJ)
Bipolar Sunshine (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Blackbear (Hollywood CA)
Black City Lights (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
The Black Lillies (Knoxville AK)
Black Lips (Atlanta GA)
Black Pistol Fire (Austin TX)
The Blind Pets (Austin TX)
Blondfire (Los Angeles CA)
Blouse (Portland OR)
Bobby Jealousy (Austin TX)
Bo Ningen (London UK-ENGLAND)
Boy and Bear (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
TJ Boyce (Houston TX)
Brass Bed (Lafayette LA)
Will Brennan (Atlanta GA)
Brick + Mortar (Toms River NJ)
Tom Brosseau (Los Angeles CA)
Buffalo Killers (Cincinnati OH)
Bully (Nashville TN)
Cairn String Quartet (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Catfish and the Bottlemen (Llandudno UK-WALES)
Dustin Cavazos (Dallas TX)
Cello Fury (Pittsburgh PA)
Cerebral Ballzy (Brooklyn NY)
Tim Chaisson (Charlottetown CANADA)
Cherub (Nashville TN)
ChoZe (Atlanta GA)
Circuit des Yeux (Chicago IL)
Claire (Munich GERMANY)
Cloud Boat (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cocos Lovers (Deal UK-ENGLAND)
Coldair (Warsaw POLAND)
Cole Boyz (Huntsville AL)
The Colourist (Orange County CA)
Communist Daughter (Saint Paul MN)
Complete (Fort Worth TX)
Cory Mo (Houston TX)
The Couch (Austin TX)
The Crookes (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Cross Record (Austin TX)
Fauntella Crow (Venice Beach CA)
Crying Nut (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Daley (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
The Darcys (Toronto CANADA)
Andra Day (San Diego CA)
Dead C (Dunedin NEW ZEALAND)
The Delta Riggs (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Diarrhea Planet (Nashville TN)
DJ Grip (Austin TX)
Gord Downie & The Sadies (Toronto CANADA)
Kevin Drew (Toronto CANADA)
Dub Fx (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Dune Rats (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Shelby Earl (Seattle WA)
The Eastern Sea (Austin TX)
Tim Easton (Nashville TN)
East 35 (Austin TX)
Elizabeth & the Catapult (Brooklyn NY)
EMA (Portland OR)
Empires (Chicago IL)
Esben and the Witch (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dana Falconberry (Austin TX)
The Farewell Drifters (Nashville TN)
Fear Of Men (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Felo (Houston TX)
Fenster (Berlin GERMANY)
Fielded (New York NY)
Flo Morrissey (London UK-ENGLAND)
Nils Frahm (Berlin GERMANY)
Sage Francis (Providence RI)
Fresno (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Max Frost (Austin TX)
Ezra Furman (Oakland CA)
Future Islands (Baltimore MD)
Galaxy Express (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Travis Garland (Lubbock TX)
The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (New York NY)
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
The Giving Tree Band (Yorkville IL)
Glen Check (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
G. Love (Philadelphia PA)
Go DJ JB (Austin TX)
Gossling (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
The Great American Canyon Band (Baltimore MD)
Great Good Fine Ok (Brooklyn NY)
Jackie Greene (Sacramento CA)
Gripin (Istanbul TURKEY)
The Growl (Perth AUSTRALIA)
G-Side (Huntsville AL)
Gunplay (Miami FL)
Ha Ha Tonka (Springfield MO)
Danny B. Harvey (Austin TX)
The Heatwave (London UK-ENGLAND)
Heavy Cream (Nashville TN)
Hellbenders (Brasília BRAZIL)
Hi Fashion (Los Angeles CA)
Highasakite (Oslo NORWAY)
The History Of Apple Pie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Hollywoodfun Downstairs (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans LA)
Jenny Hval (Oslo NORWAY)
Idiotape (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
James Iha (Los Angeles CA)
Intertwine (Trondheim NORWAY)
In The Valley Below (Echo Park CA)
Maya Isacowitz (Tel-Aviv ISRAEL)
Issue (Vallejo CA)
Ivan and the Parazol (Budapest HUNGARY)
Sarah Jaffe (Denton TX)
Jambinai (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Jamestown Revival (Austin TX)
Japanther (Brooklyn NY)
Jim-E-O (Austin TX)
Jonny Two Bags (Orange County CA)
JoyCut (Bologna ITALY)
Jungles from Red Bacteria Vacuum (Tokyo JAPAN)
Kabul Dreams (Kabul AFGHANISTAN)
Kadavar (Berlin GERMANY)
Kamp! (Lodz POLAND)
Karma Jonze (Austin TX)
Kayo Dot (Brooklyn NY)
Tori Kelly (Los Angeles CA)
Cory Kendrix (Austin TX)
Ben Kenney (Brooklyn NY)
Kid Mac (Maroubra AUSTRALIA)
Kiha & The Faces (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Elle King (Brooklyn NY)
King Parrot (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
K’La (Gary IN)
Aidan Knight (Victoria BC)
The Knocks (New York NY)
The Kooks (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Kumbia Queers (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Talib Kweli (Brooklyn NY)
Kydd (Austin TX)
L.A. (Mallorca SPAIN)
La Femme (Biarritz FRANCE)
Tory Lanez (Toronto CANADA)
The Launderettes (Oslo NORWAY)
League of Extraordinary Gz (Austin TX)
Little Hurricane (San Diego CA)
Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
Louis Logic (Queens NY)
Love Inks (Austin TX)
Magic Man (Boston MA)
Mariachi Las Altenas (San Antonio TX)
Mariachi Las Pioneras de Mexico (Mexico City MEXICO)
The Mastersons (Austin TX)
Arthur Matos (Aracaju BRAZIL)
Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys (Nashville TN)
Mendetz (Barcelona SPAIN)
Jeremy Messersmith (Minneapolis MN)
Mike Fresh (Atlanta GA)
Milagres (Brooklyn NY)
Mirah (Brooklyn NY)
Miss May I (Troy OH)
Mister and Mississippi (Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS)
Hedvig Mollestad Trio (Oslo NORWAY)
Monokino (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn NY)
Morning Parade (Essex UK-ENGLAND)
Natasha Mosley (Atlanta GA)
The Moth & The Flame (Provo UT)
Mothercoat (Fukaya JAPAN)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
The Muckers (Tehran IRAN)
Meg Myers (Los Angeles CA)
My Jerusalem (Austin TX)
Mystic Braves (Los Angeles CA)
Nakia (Austin TX)
Nell (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
John Newman (Yorkshire Dales UK-ENGLAND)
Nightbox (Toronto CANADA)
No Brain (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Nubes en mi Casa (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Gary Numan (Los Angeles CA)
Of Mice & Men (Costa Mesa CA)
Oh Mercy (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Pack A.D. (Vancouver CANADA)
Pájaro (Sevilla SPAIN)
Doe Paoro (Brooklyn NY)
Papa (Los Angeles CA)
Paper Lions (Charlottetown CANADA)
Parade of Lights (Los Angeles CA)
The Parlotones (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
The Parrots (Madrid SPAIN)
Paus (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Peelander-Z (New York NY)
Perrosky (Santiago CHILE)
Peterson Brothers Band (Bastrop TX)
Phantogram (Saratoga Springs NY)
Pick A Piper (Toronto CANADA)
Pins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Plastic Flowers (Thessaloniki GREECE)
Steve Poltz (San Diego CA)
Pommez Internacional (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Poolside (Los Angeles CA)
Potty Mouth (Northampton MA)
Prides (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Public Service Broadcasting (London UK-ENGLAND)
Quantic (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Question (San Antonio TX)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
David Ramirez (Austin TX)
Random Recipe (Montreal CANADA)
Residual Kid (Austin TX)
Rey Pila (Mexico City MEXICO)
Rhodes (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)
Sam Roberts Band (Montreal CANADA)
Rich Robinson Band (Atlanta GA)
Rockie Fresh (Chicago IL)
Rock N’ Roll Radio (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Roge (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Romi (Sendai JAPAN)
Ron Pope (Brooklyn NY)
Royal Blood (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Sage The Gemini (Fairfield CA)
Saintseneca (Columbus OH)
Samsaya (Oslo NORWAY)
Scars on 45 (Bradford UK-ENGLAND)
Danny Schmidt (Austin TX)
Sentimental City Romance (Tokyo JAPAN)
September Girls (Dublin IRELAND)
Seryn (Denton AK)
Andy Shauf (Regina CANADA)
Billy Joe Shaver (Waco TX)
Side Effect (Yangon MYANMAR)
Keaton Simons (Los Angeles CA)
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds (Brooklyn NY)
The 69 Cats (Austin TX)
Skaters (New York NY)
Skream (Croydon UK-ENGLAND)
Sleeper Agent (Bowling Green KY)
Slick Shoota (Oslo NORWAY)
SL Jones (Little Rock AR)
Slothrust (Brooklyn NY)
Slow Down, Molasses (Saskatoon CANADA)
Snow Ghosts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sobrenadar (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Social Studies (San Francisco CA)
Soft Swells (Los Angeles CA)
The Soil & the Sun (Grand Rapids MI)
Solander (Malmö SWEDEN)
The So So Glos (Brooklyn NY)
Soul Khan (Brooklyn NY)
Southern Hospitality DJ’s (London UK-ENGLAND)
Spires (Brooklyn NY)
Spirit Animal (Brooklyn NY)
The Standards (Bangkok THAILAND)
The Starbems (Tokyo JAPAN)
Starmarie (Tokyo JAPAN)
Nano Stern (Santiago CHILE)
Lindsey Stirling (Arizona AZ)
Streets of Laredo (Brooklyn NY)
S U R V I V E (Austin TX)
Suzy Bogguss (Nashville TN)
Svper (Barcelona SPAIN)
Swear and Shake (Brooklyn NY)
Tashaki Miyaki (Los Angeles CA)
Tensnake (Hamburg GERMANY)
Tiê (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Ana Tijoux (Santiago CHILE)
Timber Timbre (Toronto CANADA)
Tinariwen (Azawad MALI)
Torres (Brooklyn NY)
Touch Sensitive (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Tourist (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Trews (Toronto CANADA)
A Tribe Called Red (Ottawa CANADA)
Tribe One (Atlanta GA)
Troker (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Truckfighters (Orebro SWEDEN)
Trust (Toronto CANADA)
Tumbleweed Wanderers (Oakland CA)
Gavin Turek (Los Angeles CA)
Typhoon (Portland OR)
Univers (Barcelona SPAIN)
Unknown (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
The Unlikely Candidates (Fort Worth TX)
Until The Ribbon Breaks (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Utopians (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Vega (La Coruña SPAIN)
The Vegabonds (Nashville TN)
Soledad Vélez (Concepción CHILE)
Kiko Veneno (Madrid SPAIN)
Venomous Maximus (Houston TX)
Maya Vik (Oslo NORWAY)
Patricia Vonne (Austin TX)
Vulture Industries (Bergen NORWAY)
Mayu Wakisaka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Natalie Walker (Denver CO)
Wardell (Los Angeles CA)
Watercolours (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Willie Watson (Nashville TN)
Wentru (Santiago CHILE)
We Were Promised Jetpacks (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
What So Not (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
The Whigs (Athens GA)
White City (Kabul AFGHANISTAN)
The Wilderness of Manitoba (Toronto CANADA)
Wild Party (Boerne TX)
The Wild Wild (Santa Cruz CA)
Saul Williams (New York NY)
Jack Wilson (Austin TX)
Wolf Alice (London UK-ENGLAND)
Carolyn Wonderland (Austin TX)
Wye Oak (Baltimore MD)
Steve Wynn (Jackson Heights NY)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Tokyo JAPAN)
Sidney York (Calgary CANADA)
Conner Youngblood (Dallas TX)
Young Guns (London UK-ENGLAND)
Yung Nation (Dallas TX)
Zeus (Toronto CANADA)
Zuse (Kingston JAMAICA)

While there will be many more to follow, enjoy a sneak peek of who to expect at SXSW 2014. We’re excited to begin our programming earlier than ever and look forward to inviting many more bands soon.

Don’t forget, as always, everything is subject to change. Full list below. ENJOY!

Aer (Wayland MA)
Kyle Andrews (Nashville TN)
Atlanter (Oslo NORWAY)
Atomix (Mixcoac MEXICO)
The Autumn Defense (Chicago IL)
Avi Buffalo (Los Angeles CA)
Belle Adair (Muscle Shoals AL)
Betunizer (Valencia SPAIN)
The Black and White Years (Austin TX)
Jeff Black (Nashville TN)
Black Taxi (Brooklyn NY)
The Black Watch (Los Angeles CA)
The Blank Tapes (Los Angeles CA)
The Boxing Lesson (Austin TX)
Boyfrndz (Austin TX)
Bring Me The Horizon (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Bugs of Phonon (Tainan TAIWAN)
Burgess Meredith (Austin TX)
Allysen Callery (Bristol RI)
Capsula (Bilbao SPAIN)
Casual Sex (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
[Champagne] (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Chevelles (North Fremantle AUSTRALIA)
Shawn Chrystopher (Los Angeles CA)
Cinco Doce (Austin TX)
Amy Cook (Austin TX)
Crossfaith (Osaka JAPAN)
Rodney Crowell (Crosby TX)
Current Swell (Victoria CANADA)
David J (Santa Rosa CA)
Deidre and the Dark (Brooklyn NY)
DeLorean (Houston TX)
Dems (London UK-ENGLAND)
Desert (Barcelona SPAIN)
The Devil Makes Three (Santa Cruz CA)
Division Minuscula (Matamoros MEXICO)
Eliza Doolittle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Doughbeezy (Houston TX)
Dråpe (Oslo NORWAY)
Drenge (Castleton UK-ENGLAND)
Dumb Waiter (Richmond VA)
The Dunwells (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Lincoln Durham (Austin TX)
Dusty Stray (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
East Cameron Folkcore (Austin TX)
East Forest (Portland OR)
Andrea Echeverri (BOGOTA COLOMBIA)
E-Dubble (Baltimore MD)
Robert Ellis (Houston TX)
Sean Falyon (Atlanta GA)
Feathers (Austin TX)
Folly and the Hunter (Montreal CANADA)
Ghost Loft (Los Angeles CA)
Ariana Gillis (Toronto CANADA)
Glass Animals (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
The Great Wilderness (San Jose COSTA RICA)
Gungor (Denver CO)
Hamell On Trial (Ossining NY)
Elias Haslanger (Austin TX)
Hey Ocean! (Vancouver CANADA)
Micah P. Hinson (Denison TX)
Hollow Jan (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Hopsin (Panorama City CA)
Hyenaz (Berlin GERMANY)
Il Pan del Diavolo (Palermo ITALY)
Garland Jeffreys (New York NY)
Jonzieeee (Houston TX)
Vance Joy (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
June (San Francisco CA)
Jungle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Kaytranada (Montreal CANADA)
K Camp (Atlanta GA)
Killa Kyleon (Houston TX)
Kins (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Kira Kira (Mosfellsbær ICELAND)
Kristal and Jonny Boy (Rättvik/Stockholm SWEDEN)
La Orquesta Vulgar (Juarez MEXICO)
Kieran Leonard (London UK-ENGLAND)
Like Swimming (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Lil Ray/Wheels Up (Houston TX)
Lions In The Street (Vancouver CANADA)
Little Daylight (Brooklyn NY)
Little Jesus (Mexico City MEXICO)
Grace London (Austin TX)
London Grammar (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lord Buffalo (Austin TX)
Los Lonely Boys (San Angelo TX)
Lost Tapes (Barcelona SPAIN)
Calvin Love (Edmonton CANADA)
Lovely Bad Things (La Mirada CA)
Love X Stereo (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Lene Lovich Band (London UK-ENGLAND)
Eleni Mandell (Los Angeles CA)
Marigold (Borlänge SWEDEN)
Jessica Lea Mayfield (Kent OH)
Mibbs (of Pac Div) (Beverly Hills CA)
Mighty Oaks (Berlin GERMANY)
Fernando Milagros (Santiago CHILE)
The Ben Miller Band (Joplin MO)
Mirror Travel (Austin TX)
Mise en Scene (Winnipeg CANADA)
Money For Rope (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Mon Laferte (Escandon MEXICO)
Mono Inc. (Schönberg GERMANY)
Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step (Los Angeles CA)
Mozes And The Firstborn (Eindhoven THE NETHERLANDS)
mr. Gnome (Cleveland OH)
Neulore (Nashville TN)
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (Nuuk DENMARK)
Nightmare Air (Los Angeles CA)
Kurt Nilsen (Oslo NORWAY)
NO (Los Angeles CA)
OBN III’s (Austin TX)
Only Real (London UK-ENGLAND)
Palmbomen (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Panama Wedding (New York NY)
PapaNegro (Santiago CHILE)
PEDALJETS (Kansas City MO)
Penny & Sparrow (Austin TX)
People of Letters (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
the Pepper Pots (Girona SPAIN)
Juan Perro (Madrid SPAIN)
Phonalex (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Pompeya (Moscow RUSSIA)
Porter (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Propain (Houston TX)
Pure Love (Hemel Hempstead UK-ENGLAND)
Que (Atlanta GA)
Random (Mega Ran) (Phoenix AZ)
The Rocketboys (Austin TX)
Raina Rose (Austin TX)
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg CANADA)
Rusty Maples (Las Vegas NV)
Saint Rich (Fredon NJ)
Josef Salvat (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Saor Patrol (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Savoir Adore (Brooklyn NY)
Jack Savoretti (London UK-ENGLAND)
Shakey Graves (Austin TX)
Sigmun (Bandung INDONESIA)
SISU (Los Angeles CA)
Ski Lodge (New York NY)
Soldout (Bruxelles BELGIUM)
The Sour Notes (Austin TX)
Speak (Austin TX)
The Spring Standards (New York NY)
Starlight Girls (Brooklyn NY)
The Suffers (Houston TX)
Sweet Baboo (Trefriw UK-WALES)
The Swiss (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
SwizZz (Los Angeles CA)
Dudu Tassa (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Kristian Terzic Band (Rovinj CROATIA)
To Be Frank (Suffolk UK-ENGLAND)
Jonathan Toubin (New York NY)
Truth Universal (New Orleans LA)
Ume (Austin TX)
Urge Overkill (Chicago IL)
Vampillia (Tenjinmachi JAPAN)
Vida Boulevard (Guadalajara MEXICO)
V.I.P (Austin TX)
Vockah Redu (New Orleans LA)
We Butter The Bread With Butter (Berlin GERMANY)
Taj Weekes & Adowa (Castries SAINT LUCIA )
Wes Fif (Orlando FL)
Whiskey Shivers (Austin TX)
Dot Wiggin Band (Brooklyn NY)
Wild Child (Austin TX)
Wild Moccasins (Houston TX)
Wild Ones (Portland OR)
Roosh Williams (Houston TX)
WonFu (Taipei TAIWAN)
Dizzy Wright (Las Vegas NV)
Yip Deceiver (Athens GA)
Gabby Young and Other Animals (London UK-ENGLAND)


SXSWeekend presents SCREAM

Hosted By DJ Skee & JJ 97.9 The Box FM

Date: Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Time: 1PM – 2AM / 13 hours of partying

Location: Emos East, 2015 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

Performing Live:

LIL SCRAPPY from VH1: Love & Hip-Hop


Day Party – 1pm to 5pm
Food Raves Tailgate – 5pm to 7pm
Night Show – 7pm to 2am